Tales of Bittersweet cover art

“Tales of the Bittersweet” is out now. Order your copy for $15 today!
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This is not the new CD but a new art design for “Transparent”. Pick up “Transparent” for $15 and $3 shipping today.

Order a copy of jonas’ first cd “1939” with his band “farewell june” for $15 plus $3 shipping.

Jonas’ band farewell june released 2 CD projects. “Identity Crisis” was their final CD before the band moved on. You can pick it up for $15 plus $3 shipping.

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If you feel led to help Jonas continue to pursue what he believes God has put on his heart, consider donating financially to his ministry today.


Also, you can check in with any of our online partners to purchase a digital copy of  Transparent, once they decide to post it.

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